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Kaine Ugwu

Enterprise Architecture, Cloud, and Agile Leadership.

About Me

I help customers transform their enterprise and IT architecture, allowing them to make the most of the cloud, agile methodologies, and DevOps practices to improve solution delivery and business value while ensuring standards and best practices. I provide the following services;

  • Architecture & Strategy.

    I have been formulating IT strategies and architecture designs for a while. Architecting is a passion. I provide enterprise, solution and technical architecture definition and implementation, program assurance and management, and delivery governance for value streams relating to digital innovation.
  • Writing & Speaking Engagements.

    Apart from publishing articles on journals such as the Cutter Business Technology Journal, I have spoken at a few conferences, most notably at The Open Group Conference, San Diego 2018 and SATURN 2016 (SEI).

    For speaking engagements, my high resolution profile image can be downloaded here.
  • Industry Contributions, Technology Advisory & Consulting.

    Organizational psychology and design are fields that interest me as well. I mentor idealists and dreamers, showing them the HOW for the ideas that they create. I was a growth mentor at the first Google LaunchPad Start hyper-accelerator program in Lagos. Most recently, I was recognized as a DevOps Institute Ambassador.
  • Prototyping.

    I build stuff; stuff that enable the transformation of existing business models, leveraging emerging technologies for my customers.